Downsizing And Looking For An Affordable, Smaller Home? Check Out Convenient And Spacious Park Models

Are you wanting to downsize and move into a smaller home where everything is on a single floor instead of multiple floors? Aside from no longer worrying about walking up and down a flight of stairs each time you want to use the bathroom, go into your bedroom, or do laundry, you could save more money by moving into a smaller place. If you are ready to start looking for smaller properties that still have so much to offer, you should begin checking out some of the different park models. Read More 

Designing A Beautiful Stone Fire Pit

As the weather gets colder, many homeowners appreciate the presence of a fire pit in their backyard. Even in warmer months, a fire pit is a good addition for light and a sense of coziness. Fire pits can come in many different styles and materials. However, a stone fire pit will complement any style of landscaping and hardscaping. Fire Pit Size One of the first steps to designing a fire pit is the size. Read More 

What Mitigation Systems Can You Install In Your Home To Prevent Radon Gas From Entering?

Radon is a natural product of uranium decay, and small amounts of uranium are nearly everywhere in the soil. The air on the inside of a home is almost always at a lower pressure than the air in the soil underneath your foundation, especially if you have an energy-efficient home. The negative pressure differential pulls radon gas from the soil into your home through any tiny opening that the gas can move through, such as cracks in your foundation. Read More 

Update Your Attic with the Installation of Better Insulated Windows

Having better-insulated windows installed in your attic can make an enormous difference in just how comfortable the attic is and the temperatures that the attic will have. If you're unsure of how to get started with narrowing down the windows for sale, it's important for you to take your time to see exactly what kinds of features can make the biggest difference in insulating your attic and making it more comfortable. Read More 

Time to Get a Head Start on Your Fall Home Preparations

Have you created your fall to-do list yet? It seems that the day you get everything on your spring-cleaning to-do list completed, the first leaf falls from the trees and it's time to start preparing the home for fall and winter. Here, you'll find a few things that you can get a jump-start on to get ahead of the game this season. Start with the Chimney Since summer will be over sooner than most want, you can start with the chimney and not have to worry about getting it done right before the snow begins to fall and everyone else is scurrying about trying to get their chimneys cleaned for the year. Read More