What Puddles Of Water Near Your Septic Tank Mean

No one wants to see odd puddles of water over a buried septic tank except in the hour or two after a good rain. But if you're now dealing with these unwelcome sights, you need to figure out the cause, fast. Because unless it just stopped raining or someone aimed a garden hose at the spot where the tank is buried, you have a problem on your hands. Poorly Draining Soil and Effluent Backup Read More 

Tips For Window Treatments

When it comes to the décor in your home, you have many areas to focus on. From the walls and floors to the furniture, you need to be sure everything goes together in a way that helps you to achieve the entire look and vibe that you are going for. One of the areas you need to put together in the right way is the windows. The window treatments need to go with the rest of your décor, but they also need to be the right choice for the windows themselves. Read More 

How To Fix A Dog Damaged Lawn

Dog damage can ruin the appearance of your yard. Whether you have dead spots from urine, holes from digging, or both, there are strategies you can undertake to reverse the damage. The following guide is just what you need to get your yard looking great again. Step 1: Neutralize nitrogen damage Nitrogen damage occurs when a dog urinates in the same area often because urine is nitrogen rich. While nitrogen in small amounts is good for a lawn, too much nitrogen leads to the buildup of nitrogen salts. Read More 

How To Remove Paint From Concrete

If you want to refinish painted concrete, you have to get the paint off of it first. Obviously, painting any concrete surface can be problematic because it chips and scrapes off rather easily. But, this does not mean that it is easy to remove all of the paint from your concrete. That is, a lot of the paint will soak into the pores and stain some of the aggregate, so it goes much deeper than the walking surface and never gets touched or rubbed off. Read More 

The Primary Differences Between Functional And Decorative Birdhouses

A lot of people who do not know much about birds tend to assume that all birdhouses are the same and that a decorative birdhouse is the same as a functional birdhouse. Sadly, this is not true, and even the wild birds that visit your yard know it. So, what are the differences between functional and decorative birdhouses? The main differences are as follows. Decorative Birdhouses are Heavily Painted Decorative birdhouses are heavily painted, almost to the point where they barely resemble a birdhouse at all. Read More